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Topical Content Hubs

TLB’s Topical Content Hubs service is the creation of social profiles on popular, authoritative Web 2.0 sites, such as,,,,, etc. Our team of U.S.-based writers creates engaging content themed around the client’s industry or relevant topics and publishes this content with backlinks to the client’s website or other online assets. As the content volume increases within the properties, we continue adding to the topic’s theme to result in highly authoritative content hubs.

How Does this Service Work?

Web 2.0 sites thrive on content. With the knowledge that links are inherent in content, backlinks from these authoritative and trusted sites provide a tremendous increase in rank power. However, simply building links isn’t enough; the key is to create content that engages the target audience and provides value. Our research team keeps their ears to the ground, monitoring industry trends and listening to online conversations in order to identify gaps or audience needs around industry topics. This research allows us to push high-quality content that people are interested in directly into an active user-generated content community.

Repeatedly posting content with links to the same domain is unnatural and will prevent the topical hub from gaining trust with the search engines. In addition to building content with backlinks pointing to the client’s online assets, we will publish content that either contains no backlinks at all or links to other, non-competing authority resources. Combining this practice with quality content builds the client’s topical hub into an industry authority or influencer. Backlinks from these influencers are extremely powerful and viewed by the search engines as natural citations.


Increased Rankings

Links from Web 2.0 sites are located on high-PageRank, high-authority domains that have already established trust with the search engines. Links from the topical hubs provide content-based, high-quality links that search engines consider most valuable to users, and they’re often quickly indexed.

Potential Click-Through Traffic

The pre-established authority and trust in Web 2.0 sites holds extremely high visibility in search engine results. Additionally, users browsing for interesting and relevant topical information to your industry and/or topics within Web 2.0 sites will find your site or online assets. These Web 2.0 sites receive considerable volumes of traffic which in turn creates a great deal of exposure, resulting in the opportunity for users to click through to your site or linkable asset.

Brand-Safe Content

Topical Content Hubs can be impartial content platforms, built around industry-relevant topics, rather than branded assets that speak on behalf of the client. The content placed on the topical hubs uses the client’s site as a resource, eliminating potential legal or brand messaging concerns. This is extremely effective for clients with restrictive or sensitive industry regulations.

Promotion of Linkable Assets

Web 2.0 content allows you to easily insert videos, infographics or other visual media into profiles, providing clients with a channel to promote existing content to a new audience. This can greatly increase the potential for a stellar piece of creative content to go viral.

No Automation – No Networked Footprints

Unlike many Web 2.0 link builders, we do not use automated resources in our process. Each site is hand-selected in order to maximize authority and ranking power.

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