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"I run a web hosting company and one of the services we offer is search engine optimization. Previously I would spend days trying to build inbound links for my clients and in the end the SEO services were requiring more time than my core business – web hosting. This was when I contacted Their customer service was exceptional and all the questions I asked them were dealt with promptly, professionally and most importantly – informatively. Once again, I can focus on my core business – web hosting, knowing that are doing a superb job in building the inbound links for my clients.

Keep up the great work!"

Peter Newsome
Brisbane Web Hosting

"Fred, Jim, and I want to thank you for the great customer service that you provided for us this morning. We very much appreciate your knowledge and interest in our working relationship with

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John French
Tahitian Noni Juice

"Anyone serious about getting top search engine ranking knows that acquiring text links from other web sites is absolutely essential. are the best of the best and I can't recommend their service enough."

Brad Callen
Professional SEO Software

"When I met Jarrod over 2 years we had a great working relationship. There were very few people that could discuss links on as technical level as I could, and Jarrod is one of them.

Over the last 2 years, he has built one of the most successful link building businesses on the web and this is a credit to his constant drive to understand the architectural relationships of search engines and link building. I recommend to anyone that they give a call. It might just be that one thing that makes their business."

Morgan Carey

"I talked to Jarrod on the phone for over a half hour one day. He is one of the few marketers I have ever talked to who suggested spending less versus more. Sure he has competitors and his business is likely making great profits, but they are honest and are one of only a few legitimate link brokers on the market. "

Aaron Wall
Author of the SEO Book

"When I started in SEO my focus was on on-the-page factors. Soon I learned that there is more to SEO than just on-the-page factors and the decisive factor is the backlinks. Once you know this you also will learn quickly that that getting links isn't all that easy. That's where a service like Jarrod created comes in very handy. delivers an excellent service for when you are in need of links or when you have link space available on your web site. What I like best about is their direct approach, focused on the success of the client."

Peter Faber
Internet Marketing Consultant

"Our company Gomvents Corp buys our links from If you want to buy from the same source as Gomvents Corp, then you should buy from"

Justin Gomolka
Gomvents Corp.

"I want to thank you for the fantastic work you are doing for me (and my client). The service is fast, and the individual approach is more than I expected."

Martin Korvas

"I notified and asked a few questions about their services and I received an answer immediately. The prices are great and the service provided to assist me in my business is terrific. I'm extremely satisfied with this company and will continue to do business with them. Thanks!"

Sharon Douglas, VP

"As an online marketer I needed that final push to gain the Search Engine Rankings my clients were looking for. Textlinkbrokers was that final solution... they helped me get the relevant links I need to drive traffic to my clients sites. I am happy because my clients are happy! I`m looking forward to a long term relationship with your company! !"

Michael Persson

"Your customer service is exceptional."

Bryan Ong
e-channel online

"The guys at are absolutely fantastic. We've worked with quite a few people in the Internet Marketing world and these guys are off the charts. Their customer service is out of this world. Give them a try, you won't regret it."

John Gottshall
Japanese Swords 4 Samurai

"These links look very solid -- a big thanks to you and your team!"

Adam Short
The Lark Company

"Knowing the importance of web marketing, Books Illustrated was delighted to find a company that really understood how to help and could communicate the web's complexities in simple terms."

Mike Emeny
Books Illustrated

" has been a great source for quality, highly relevant links. Their customer service has been both helpful in finding the best links for my web site and receptive to my questions."

Michael Harms

"Good job supporting your customers, no matter how small an account they are. That shows a lot of good character and ethics."

John T.

"We are now showing up front page on Google for our desired keyword, and were not even ranked before! We couldn't be more pleased."

Tim Williams

"I am so pleased by the text link and service you provided on my first purchase that I would like to know if you have any other good links."


"Jarrod Hunt, The CEO of ... is one of the country's leading sellers in text link ads."

Brad Fallon
Jarrod Hunt's Interview On SEO Radio