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This page is for webmasters interested in being paid to host Text Link Ads and Hosted Marketing Pages. As an inventory partner, your site will be confidentially listed in our Premium Text Link Inventory. You are also eligible to participate in our Hosted Marketing Pages program, which allows you to derive additional revenue by hosting a new page on your site with unique content and embedded links.

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Why Sell Text Links?

  • Links pay very well for the amount of screen space they take up.
  • They are unobtrusive and not annoying to your visitors.
  • You can get steady monthly revenue that doesn't fluctuate according to traffic.

TextLinkBrokers makes selling links easy, safe, and profitable

  • Sales Volume – TextLinkBrokers is the largest brokerage by sales volume, inventory selection, and client base (over 20,000 clients served) & our search features make it easy for link buyers to find related links in the farthest reaches of your site.
    • Large Reseller Base – We have a large reseller base which we provide a generous commission too for selling your links.
    • Professional Sales Staff – Our staff is knowledgeable and committed to help sell your links.
  • Convenience – TextLinkBrokers has a convenient login to view new link placement requests and other partner data.
  • Non-Exclusive – As long as you abide by the conditions you agree to in regards to link limits, quality, relevancy and type of links agreed to, you are free to sell links to others as well. Becoming an inventory partner has no opportunity cost to you.
  • Safety – We screen each link buyer for you and turn away penalized sites or 'bad neighborhoods'.
  • Relevancy – TextLinkBrokers can find link buyers related to your site that you actually want to link to.
  • Anonymity – We protect the identity of your site until the link is purchased. We will never disclose your site's URL or your name on our site.

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Note: By filling out this form and submitting your sites to be reviewed for inclusion, you understand that TextLinkBrokers is offering you our services as link brokers and will display your site(s) in our inventory, following approval, for our advertising clients to browse when choosing links to purchase.
There is no guarantee of how many links you will receive for placement.

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* Sites cannot be listed in our inventory until your phone number and email can be verified. Please expect a call within a few days after the submission of the application.

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VERY IMPORTANT (This affects your payout):

  • Your site must be at least PageRank (PR) 1. Please do not submit sites with lower PR, we cannot accept them at this time.
  • Your site’s value is determined by PageRank (PR), the number of Yahoo! Backlinks and other stats. These stats are different for different versions of your URL. Please check with and without the ‘www’ (Example: and before submitting to find the most valuable version. You can check PR with the Google Toolbar and you can check Yahoo! Backlinks by searching the following at - & The ‘Inlinks’ is the total number of Yahoo! Backlinks each version of your site has.

Submit the version with the highest PR and the most Inlinks. (Be sure to read the instructions above.)

After adding the URL below you will be prompted to answer 4 questions, please do so and hit the 'Confirm Site' button when complete for each site added.

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