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TextLinkBrokers Link Building and SEO Reseller Program

We make it easy for you to increase your clients search engine rankings, website conversions and online reputations!

Start Selling Instantly! - TextLinkBrokers Link Building Company

Sign up now for TextLinkBrokers’ Reseller Program! It’s fast! It’s easy! Your clients will appreciate the return on investment!

Earn tens of thousands of dollars monthly as a TextLinkBrokers White-label Partner! Our partners earn $5K-$100K+ per month reselling our services. We provide:

  • “White label” Link Building: Present our expertise as your own!
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Make sure your client sites are primed to reach the highest positions possible in the search engines!
  • Landing Page Optimization (LPO): Increase conversions by making it easier for your clients’ customers to do what you want them to do!
  • Reputation/Brand Management services: Build visibility, influence brand opinion and protect your bottom line.
  • Analytics/Metrics/Reporting –Our services are completely transparent. We report on all services rendered and we benchmark a return on investment customized to each client’s objectives.

What’s more, we make these products affordable with substantial reseller discounts! Read on to find out more!

Start Selling Instantly! - TextLinkBrokers Link Building Company

Here’s how it works:

1. Sell our products to your customers.

TextLinkBrokers offers an incredible array of strategies, products and services. We supply you with all the documentation you need to start bringing value to your clients now while earning significant returns. You make the sales; we got your backend and the experience to deliver the fastest most powerful results in the market.

Link Building

We offer a huge inventory of link building products and services with one goal in mind: get your clients’ sites ranking for competitive keywords in the top ten results on Google and other vital search engines!

Offer your customer more than 30 proven, effective Link-building services!

    • These include dozens of contextual and one-way link programs. Make even the most competitive keywords work for your client!
    • We work with hundreds of suppliers and over 35,000 independent webmasters. There is no job too small or too big!

Advanced solutions for the toughest of keywords

    • Hosted Marketing Pages (HMP): These optimized pages contain content relevant to your clients’ keywords. We host the pages on our inventory partner sites and we embed links in the content pointed to your client! The links from HMP’s are very powerful! The HMP itself will rank in the search engines for your clients’ keywords, creating more visibility and ultimately click-thru traffic.
    • Authority Silos: Build relevant content and links for your customers with this new dynamic method! Silos contain 5 pages of authoritative content hosted on a relevant, high PR website or blog from our inventory. The first page of the Silo takes the form of a landing page with an action for visitors to take. There is a direct category link off the homepage to the landing page. We interlink four content pages with the landing page one level down – subpages. The grouping and interlinking of the content establishes a powerful theme, which the search engines love. We backlink into the Silo to promote them quickly through the search rankings and to super power the Silo links pointing at the client.
    • Permission Based Blog Commenting: With the permission of blog owners, we participate in relevant conversations and link back to your clients. Links from blog comments drive targeted traffic and due to their contextual nature and fast indexing times, clients receive high search engine rankings fast. We work with thousands of bloggers covering every topic imaginable.

Sophisticated link building methodologies

    • Our innovative methods ensure that we are consistently leaders in the Internet marketing space. A pioneering method we developed, for example, involves building links to off-site client content. This technique boosts the relevancy, link popularity and PageRank of the links embedded in the client’s content. We appropriately named this our “backlink boosting program”. This method allows us to build links aggressively and still maintain the appearance of a natural link flow. Fewer stronger links (i.e. links that are backlinked) is safe and much more powerful than quantity. We consistently rank single word, highly competitive keywords using these techniques. Once clients experience these results, their monthly budgets grow and they stay around for years. We know from experience.

Search Engine Optimization

Ranking websites at the top of the search engines requires changes to your customers’ websites in most cases. Our “On-page Optimization” works in conjunction with the links we build for your customers. Strategic alignment of links and on-page optimization allows us to push your clients up into those traffic generating search engine positions faster than building links alone.

The SEO Audit

This is a great way to get your foot in the door by offering a low priced examination of your customer’s website! Use it to up-sell your clients to one of our highly effective monthly SEO packages. We have a comprehensive suite of services that we customize to fit anyone’s budget.

SEO Services

TextLinkBrokers offers a huge inventory of SEO products, including:

  • Determining Appropriate meta tags, descriptions and keywords
  • Applying Top 25 Keywords
  • Broken Link Checks
  • W3C validation analysis
  • HTML sitemap review
  • XML sitemap review and creation
  • Localizing code features
  • Reviews of previously optimized pages for further growth ideas

…all in the first month alone!

As time goes by, we also provide a variety of services that you can offer to your customer so that you’re always presenting something new, exciting and relevant:

  • Market keyword research
  • SEO recommendations on at least four pages per month
  • Analytics deployment strategy, including:
    • Installation instructions
    • Goal recommendations
    • Filter recommendations
  • Site layout recommendations, such as:
    • URL
    • Page naming conventions
    • Site and navigation hierarchy
    • Inline Frames
    • View state code reduction recommendations, if applicable
    • Robot.txt file creation and insertion
    • Content Optimization rewrites, if necessary
    • SEO analysis of competitor websites – Includes:
      • SEO ranking
      • Keyword usage
      • Site structure
      • Market and audience focus
    • In-depth executive reporting:
      • Vital analytic data (visits, bounce rate, conversion)
      • SEO rank trending
      • Comparable data found in competitive SEO analysis
      • Trends in indexed pages and inbound links
      • Trends in SEO rank

Landing Page Optimization

Help your customers increase their conversions with a landing page that works! LPO is the fine art of increasing conversions. How do you do it? We do it by making your customer’s page irresistible to the eye and the wallet!

  • Convert more visitors into customers! A higher conversion rate means your customers acquire more of what they’re on the web to achieve: sales, profits, downloads, signups, telephone calls, etc.
  • Reduce cost per customer or lead acquisition! The higher the conversion percentage the lower the cost per customer you get through the door!
  • Increase profits! More conversions means more profits for your customers – without increasing their advertising expenses!
  • Take your business to the next level! Charge your customers for a new service – one that they'll be happy to pay for because you've increased their bottom line!

We offer five different landing page packages for every budget and every requirement:

LPO Basic Package

We create a mockup of your customer’s new landing page that employs the five most important industry standard “best practices” for conversion rate optimization. These are the "tricks of the trade" that are proven to increase conversion rates. When visitors “land” on these newly designed web pages, you will see higher conversions to customers than previously experienced.
We optimize each landing page to meet search engine optimization standards. Once client approves the design, we deliver a final version to you for placement on their website.

Basic Plus Package

Similar to the Basic Package, but we create two different designs for your customer to choose from. We also research the perfect stock photos or graphics for your landing page. We will present four/five images for your customer’s review. They can select up to two for use in the final landing page design.

Standard Package

If your customer is not the most “Internet-Savvy” marketer, don’t worry – just order the Standard Landing Page Package. Your client will get all of the features of our Basic Plus Package along with our “landing page ready” service: we add all the necessary code and Meta tags required to turn your customer’s landing page design and content into a W3C compliant SEO page. We even install it on your customer’s site for you! The page will be thoroughly tested for quality assurance to ensure that it loads correctly and works perfectly.

Premium Package

Once your customer’s new landing page is up, it’s only natural to wonder: How’s it working? The Premium Package can answer that for you and your customer. You get everything described in the Standard Package. In the premium package, we develop and submit a test plan to you for customer approval. This test will be an A/B/n split test or a multivariate test. We will tweak the landing page weekly based on the results over a six-week period. We issue a progress report after one month and a final report at the end of the test period.

Platinum Package

This is the “super package” of our landing page services, which we aptly named “performance tuning”. You get an additional 12 weeks of split or multi-variant testing. During that time, we run tests to determine the effectiveness of alternate headlines, calls-to-action, etc. We will send you a final summary analysis report including analysis from the original test and the performance tuning tests.

Reputation/Brand Management

Our Reputation Management approach is proactive versus reactive. Most companies in this space offer monitoring services and reactive communication techniques with little to no marketing experience. The power of our content building and promotion services ensures we fluidly transition from reputation management to brand promotion. Reputation management is about pushing negative content down in the search engine results and comes about in reaction to negative opinions about your client’s brand. Brand promotion is about getting your message in front of consumers and influencing them to make a positive decision without the consumer seeing anything negative. A final twist to our method is the integration of target keywords into the content and links. Get top search engine rankings for your brand and your keywords!

  • Tracking and Reporting: We start our reputation management services by analyzing and reporting on all existing positive and negative content appearing on the search engines regarding your customer. Tracking is ongoing in order to stay on top of the conversation.
  • Promotion of Existing Positive Content: We analyze all existing content on the web that mentions your customer’s brand. We employ our link building products to move that contentto top positions in the search engines, which drive negative content down.
  • Creation and Promotion of New External Marketing Content: We create new search engine optimized content with your customers’ marketing message, host it on our partner sites and promote it with our link building services.
  • Article, Social Media, Press Release Marketing: We create and syndicate optimized articles, press releases and link bait to top article, social media and news sites. We build links to the syndicated content and use our “voting” networks in the social media space to increase each client’s organic search rankings, brand visibility and direct traffic.

2. You place the order, we do the work!

Here’s the best part: You take all the credit! Many of our resellers never tell their clients that TextLinkBrokers designed their tailored marketing strategy – and frankly, that’s fine with us! You pay nothing extra for our “white label” products. We designed the Partners program to help you make money by giving your clients the best results in the industry! Moreover, we give you plenty of ways to do it:

  • Set your own pricing: When it comes to your customers, you know what the market will allow. Our services are priced to leave plenty of mark-up room for you! Our top resellers consistently resell our services with a 20-150% markup. If you want our help with developing an effective pricing strategy, we are happy to oblige.
  • Discounts of 15% or more on all available products! Sell our products to at least two clients per month, for total sales of $2,350 or more, and you’ll receive a 15% discount off your purchase price! This allows you to take an even bigger profit margin! If you are a large reseller or agency, speak to us about our tiered discount levels for large volumes.
  • Exclusive Discounts: As a reseller, you will be privy to discounts and promotions unavailable to standard TextLinkBrokers clients.
  • Get Credit. Instead of taking the discount, get it as a credit toward future services and we will increase each deposited credit by 10% in free services.

In addition, we provide:

    • Customized packages to fit you and your customer’s needs.
    • Training on how to sell Link Building, SEO, Landing Page Optimization and Reputation Management Packages.
    • Dedicated support by phone and email. Branded, private label email and phone support available for qualified resellers.
    • Discounted prices on services. You save money from the start. Plus, you determine what to charge your customers!
    • We provide all the sales materials you need, white label or with TextLinkBrokers branding. Tell us how you want it and you get it!

Anyone can be a TextLinkBrokers partner:


  • SEO businesses
  • Advertising agencies
  • PPC companies
  • Design firms
  • Web Hosts


  • Graphic designers
  • Web designers
  • Stay-at-home parents
  • Retirees
  • You!

Don’t Wait: Become a Partner Now! We are here to help you GROW! We will customize and create the services you need to meet your customers’ demands!

Call 866-489-8546! Start Earning Today!

Interested in becoming a reseller? has a wide range of al la carte services that you can offer to your clients. We are able to fill both small and large orders quickly, which will allow you to make the most money possible.

You will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will help you build a program that you can offer to your established clientele. We will help you to succeed and as a bulk reseller you can expect heavy discounts on all of our services.

We will contact you within the next business day to learn more about your goals.

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