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Link Building Services

While other companies claim they can do link building, TextLinkBrokers specializes in it. It's the core of our business and has been since 2003. We have helped thousands of clients navigate through the complexities of dealing with an ever changing set of rules. Many of our clients are SEO companies who white label and resell our services.

Link Building Service Lineup (Partial)

It's important to note that not only is it essential to pick the right types of links, it's also important how and when they are built. To read more about our link building methodology go here.

=== Latest and Greatest ===

  • Guest Posting Service
    • Guest Posting is a managed service where we prospect and develop strategic partnerships with high quality blogs and other publishing sites that are relevant to your industry and targeted audience. We then create and publish engaging quality content on those sites. Once the content is published we promote each piece aggressively through social networks. The goal is to build trusted links that increase rankings, brand recognition that increases brand awareness, click through traffic and social interaction that will increase visibility of your site. Read More
  • Custom Link Acquisition
    • Custom link acquisition is for those companies who desire the absolute best performance with the lowest amount of risk. We prospect, negotiate and acquire highly relevant links on clean sites that have little-to-no paid links and we push to get the absolute best placement location possible (In-content preferred). You cannot find a more effective link building service anywhere, period. Our clients, who have utilized this program, have dominated their competitors for the toughest of keywords and have done it in a shorter time period than any other link building service we offer. Read More
  • Link Bait - Viral Content Generation & Promotion
    • One of the most powerful ways to build natural links is to create superb content on your website and promote it to influencers in your industry. We have helped hundreds of clients to build quality natural links via infographics and other highly shareable content. We start by researching your industry and brainstorming ideas, we then present creative. Once approved we will implement the link bait on your site which includes all of the bells and whistles needed to maximize the share-ability and effectiveness of each piece. Once live on your site the time consuming work of promoting it begins. Read More.

  • Premium Blog Post Links
    • We build links to your site from one of our 75,000 partner blogs. Each blog post contains up to 2 in-content links to select client URLs. Prior to placement, we perform a site review to ensure we are placing your links on sites that maintain our Premium standards for outbound linking, readable content, social activity and site traffic. Our team of U.S. based writers then creates high-quality articles tailored to each blogs audience and your industry. More Details
  • Topical Content Hubs
    • TLB’s Topical Content Hubs service is the creation of social profiles on popular, authoritative Web 2.0 sites, such as,,,,, etc. Our team of U.S.-based writers creates engaging content themed around the client’s industry or relevant topics and publishes this content with backlinks to the client’s website or other online assets. As the content volume increases within the properties, we continue adding to the topic’s theme to result in highly authoritative content hubs. More Details
  • Article Marketing Program - Premium Content on Top Article Sites
    • The key to building effective links via article marketing is to build awesome content that the search engines see as valuable(not fluff) and then post it on sites that have proven their ability to get content indexed and ranked. Most novice link building companies write low quality content and submit it to hundreds of thousands of low quality directories. Our approach has withstood the test of time and continues to help our clients rank better.
  • Contextual Rented Links
    • Contextual Rented Links are similar to our Monthly Rented Links except that we write 100-150 words of fresh content and embed your link within it. Embedded links are more powerful and help to insure maximum value for the purchased link.
  • Monthly Rented Links
    • Monthly Rented Links are hard coded text links that are placed on one of our private inventory partners websites.
  • Comment Links
    • Our comment links are the best in the industry. Every one is hand written and unique to the page it is left on. Don't be fooled by cheap imitators who offer who sacrifice quality for quantity.
  • Directory Links
    • Relevant, SEO friendly links on directory sites. Unlike many other directory submission services we guarantee a certain number of links depending on the package you choose.
  • Press Release Links
    • We provide an SEO friendly, professionally written, fully optimized press release. The press release is submitted for syndication to the top press release sites. We guarantee a certain number of links depending on the package you choose. More Details
  • Custom Link Building Services
    • We have built links in every way imaginable. Some of our programs are custom to the client's needs, and sometimes it's just a variation on an existing product. You can be sure that we will help you build the links you want regardless of your requirements.

And much much more.... Some of our programs are so new and effective that we don't dare reveal their details on our website.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, and remember it's not just about the links it's about the strategy. Many link builders fail because they do not follow the correct methodologies. is the leading link building company because we understand how to create long term results.

What do the SEO Pros say about TextLinkBrokers?

"There are few professional link building services that I would recommend to my clients. Text Link Brokers has a track record of helping businesses navigate the complexities of link building."
Andy Beal, editor of
"I've known Jarrod & the TLB crew for a long time. They've always had a great business that's provided value to their clients and partners."
Rand Fishkin, owner
“Building quality links is essential for building traffic and obtaining top rankings in Google, has a solid crew behind them and I've known them a long time, they will help your business.”
Loren Baker,

Our clients' testimonials and rankings speak for themselves! Feel free to ask us for references.

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