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TextLinkBrokers' Secret Sauce - Our Link Building Methodology

  • Build a Custom Strategy for Each Client
    • One of the primary things that separates TextLinkBrokers from our competitors is our focus on providing link building strategies that are custom suited to the particular needs of each client. Our strategies begin with keyword research and a thorough analysis of both the clients and their competitors backlinks/websites. Armed with that knowledge we then build a link strategy based on the clients goals and budget. Our strategies range from including 1 link building product to incorporating over a dozen. We have developed and refined over a dozen different link building techniques over the years. Once we choose which link building techniques are appropriate for the client we organize them into a short and long term strategy. The strategy outlines how many links we will need per keyword and the rate at which those links should be built.
  • Keyword Research and Competitive Intelligence
    • While we specialize in link building it is essential that the proper keywords are targeted else all of our work, and your investment, is in vain. That's why every one of our Client Services Representatives, Link Building Specialists, and Account Managers are certified in-house to do keyword research & competitive intelligence gathering. We have developed our own techniques, software, and scoring methods which allow us to make recommendations that will help you maximize your return on investment. While many companies charge for keyword research, we provide it as a value-add service to our link building services. After interviewing you we are able to pick apart both your site and your competitors sites to determine exactly which keywords should be targeted and how difficult those keywords will be to obtain top rankings.
  • On-Page Optimization, Meta Tag Optimization, External and Internal Link Structure, Browser and W3C compliancy
    • Building links is half of the battle, but it is still very important to optimize your site correctly for maximum results. On-Page factors such as the meta title tag and proper placement of keywords, both long and short tail, are just the beginning. Our Account Managers will help you optimize your internal link structure and give advice on how to properly link out to other sites. In addition we will help you with browser and W3C compliance to insure that spiders can easily read your content and that users are not being turned away.
  • Contextual and One Way Links
    • Every one of TextLinkBrokers link building techniques are One Way. We do not require reciprocal links from your site which are frowned on by Google. Google also gives additional weight to links that are placed contextually inside of content versus being placed as a standalone link on as side bar or footer. TextLinkBrokers provides over a dozen contextual link building services. Many of those services involve embedding your links in unique content hosted on other sites. Hosted Marketing Pages, Article Distribution, Press Releases, Blog Reviews, Link Silos, and Blog Comments are just a few examples.
  • Timing of Building Links
    • WHEN you build links is just as important as HOW you build them. Build to many too soon and it will look unnatural, causing you to lose trust with Google. New sites must be approached differently than matured ones. After building millions of links for thousands of clients we know exactly how aggressive we can be. Looking at the clients sites age and its backlink profile we can develop a program that is both safe and effective. The trick is to build them fast enough to get quick results but not too fast as to raise flags.
  • Anchor Text Optimization
    • Anchor text is a key piece to the puzzle. Picking the right keywords for your links is very important. Over optimization is also a concern. We know how to find the right balance between building too many links for a keyword and building enough to see quick ranking increases.
  • Variety is Key
    • One of the most important techniques for building links correctly is building a variety of links versus building a ton of the same kind of link. It does not look natural to build all of the same kind of links. It may be appropriate if you are building a very small amount of links but for most link building strategies its important to mix it up. Not only do we build over a dozen kinds of links we also have dozens of employees, vendors, and thousands of inventory partners that we source from. Our motto is “The More Sources the Better”. Nothing looks more natural than to have links coming from all over the place.
  • Private Inventory of Links
    • No other link building company or broker goes as far as we do to protect our inventory. We do not display our inventory to the public and qualify any client before revealing URL’s. We also do our best to not oversell any one site. Many of our programs such as Hosted Marketing Pages are very natural looking to the search engines so as not to bring any undo attention.
  • BackLink Boosting – 2nd Tier Links
    • TextLinkBrokers Pioneered the use of 2nd tier links to backlink boost a site. What is Backlink Boosting? Simply put it means that we build links to other sites that link to yours. In order to reduce the number of unnatural links that point directly to your site, we instead link to the pages that already link to you. In essence building a river of link popularity. Why is this so effective and desirable? It all has to do with Google Trust. Google looks at your backlinks and if it sees too many of what appear to be unnatural links, you will lose trust in Google, and with lost trust comes lost rankings. The solution for this is to build less links directly to your site but instead build links to other pages that link to yours. These pages are either built by us or can be preexisting pages. With this technique we can build hundreds/thousands of links to your site but make it only appear like you have built a few. While many of our link building techniques are virtually undectable by any search engine algorithm, we always error on the side of caution.
  • Google Trust, TrustRank, Trust Score
    • Google gives every site a Trust Score. There are many ways to gain or loose trust with Google. Increased trust means increased rankings. One way to increase trust is to get other trusted sites to link to yours. Trusted sites can also be called Authority sites. You also build trust by having quality content. There are many ways to lose trust. You can lose trust by putting spammy duplicate content on your site, building links to bad neighborhoods (Sites that have been marked as be untrustworthy), or by building links too quickly. You can also loose trust in Google if a large portion of your backlinks look unnatural. TextLinkBrokers knows how to build Trust with Google. This is how we are able to do what we do.
  • Client Services Excellence
    • TextLinkBrokers Client Services is second to none. While other link building companies focus on building automated software, we focus on building client relationships. Your account manager is a certified link building and SEO specialist and will be there to provide support and advice at any time via phone or email. Business hours are 9-5pm Arizona.

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