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Guest Posting Service

What is Guest Posting?

Guest Posting is a managed service where we prospect and develop strategic partnerships with high quality blogs and other publishing sites that are relevant to your industry and targeted audience. We then create and publish engaging quality content on those sites. The goal is to build trusted links that increase rankings, brand awareness, click-through traffic and social interaction that will increase visibility of your site.

The Benefits of Guest Posting

  • Quality Links = Higher Rankings
  • Due to the high quality of the content, the social interaction/promotion, and the click-through traffic, guest post links are highly trusted by the search engines and are exactly the type of links needed to create a natural looking well-balanced link profile. Links to your website will be included in the author bio of the guest post and when permitted by the publisher, in the body of the post.

  • Click-through Traffic
  • Your guest posts will generate anywhere from a few clicks to several hundred during the initial social push. The post will provide a long-term source of direct traffic for the life of the content.

  • Brand Exposure
  • Your website and company name is placed in the author bio along with links to your website and, where possible, to your Twitter and Facebook page. What this means is that every guest post that is published brings a new set of eyes to your brand name.

Guest Posting Service Process

At the beginning of your guest posting campaign, you will work with your account manager to identify the goals and requirements of your campaign.

Topic Creation and Brainstorming

Whether we are writing the Guest Posts or you are providing the content, it is essential that the topics are compelling, engaging and creative. Each month we spend time researching interesting topics that will appeal to the target audience and present them to you. We collaborate with you to develop the best possible content ideas on a regular basis.

Industry Research

In order to develop the best content ideas and to locate the best publishers, we spend a lot of time researching your industry. We are always actively monitoring and on the lookout for industry news and events to help shape our content strategy.

Audience Targeting

Effective Guest Posting requires targeting a wide audience with interests closely aligned with your industry. We carefully select the best audience related publishers and introduce their readers to your brand through engaging and informative content. This strategy allows your Guest Posting content to reach a larger number of your targeted demographic across a greater variety of sites.

Publisher Prospecting and Outreach

We search high and low for the most influential sites targeting your audience. The quality of our content and the promotion we do on every piece allows us to place Guest Posts on the most powerful sites with active readership.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of each Guest Post, we rate potential publishers’ sites on existing Content Quality, RankPower ™, Social Engagement, and Traffic Value.

  • Content Quality
  • Our goal is to create a long-term sustainable approach to building links that look as natural as possible. We go to great lengths to ensure that your Guest Posts are placed on sites that maintain relevant high quality content that engages real readers.

  • RankPower ™
  • RankPower is a proprietary metric we use to measure the ability of a link from a publisher site to influence your own rankings. Placing Guest Posts on a publishers’ site with higher RankPower ensures that we maximize the effectiveness of each one of your Guest Post links.

    RankPower examines the following elements of a publishers’ site:

    • Keyword Rankings in Google
    • Domain Authority
    • Backlink Profile
    • Etc.

  • Social Engagement
  • Active social audiences have the ability to push your Guest Post content to readers that do not visit the publishers’ site. We estimate the social value and engagement of a potential publisher by viewing the social history of recent posts on their site. Looking at the number of likes, shares, retweets and comments on the post gives us an idea of the ability for your content to reach additional readers.

  • Traffic Value
  • Traffic Value evaluates a publisher’s popularity by measuring incoming traffic to their site. Popular sites have more readers, and by evaluating the traffic, we ensure that your content is placed on a site that has an active audience.

Content Management

Whether you are providing the content or we our using our in-house pool of writers, we manage the writing, approvals, and distribution of each piece of content through an efficient workflow process we have developed over many years. Our process while efficient is also flexible in order to meet your requirements.

Client Collaboration

From day one, our account and campaign managers are interacting with you; whether, it is the brainstorming of topics, the writing of collaborative content, or the continual evaluation of program effectiveness.

Guest Post Promotion

In order to gain maximum exposure and effectiveness to your Guest Post we go to great lengths to promote and drive traffic to your published content. To do this we enhance social signals, boost on-page activity and place links that point to your Guest Posts.

Performance Monitoring

We capture analytics on every piece of content we publish. We track how many tweets, facebook likes, and direct click-throughs to your website (if analytics access is provided). We take a snapshot of these stats after each content piece has been live for 30 days. This data allows us to make informed decisions on which content topics and sites are performing the best and allow us to maximize performance over time.

Monthly Reporting

We provide you with a monthly report to keep you up-to-date on the status of your Guest Posting campaign. Our detailed report includes:

For orders of 1-2 Guest Posts per month, the reporting cycle will be every 30 days. For orders of 3 or more Guest Posts per month, reporting will be delivered every 45 days.

  • All post placement locations, time of placement, author name, link details (anchor text, link urls)
    • # of tweets and Facebook likes, date checked
    • # of backlinks to post, date checked
    • Click-throughs to your site (If analytics are available)
  • List of all approved and pending topic ideas
  • List of all approved and pending content

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