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Custom Link Acquisition - Authority Links Prospected, Negotiated and Built Specifically for You.

We get our hands dirty prospecting the internet to find and place the most effective links for your website.


Custom link acquisition is for those companies who desire the absolute best performance with the lowest amount of risk. We prospect, negotiate and acquire highly relevant links on clean sites that have little-to-no paid links and we push to get the absolute best placement location possible (In-content preferred). You can not find a more effective link building service anywhere, period. Our clients, who have utilized this program, have dominated their competitors for the toughest of keywords and have done it in a shorter time period than any other link building service we offer.

How It Works

  • Analyze

  • We go beyond just breaking down your competitor’s backlink structures and strategies. Through our comprehensive analysis of your website and your competitor’s websites, we pinpoint the types of links needed to accelerate your rankings. We analyze thousands of websites using dozens of metrics (many of them manual) to find sites where your link will not be seen as a just another “paid link” but will be an added resource to that websites readers; insuring maximum value.

  • Prospect

  • Utilizing a specialized method and dozens of metrics, we manually dig and crawl through the web looking for potential partner websites of superior quality that have solid SEO value. We prospect through tens of thousands of sites on a monthly basis to identify high value web resources whose links will impact your websites rankings.

  • Negotiate

  • Next, our team works with the site’s webmaster to negotiate the link placement. We aim for highest quality, in-content links, optimized to harness as many clicks and SEO power as possible. Our negotiators use a price range instead of a set price, to insure the best possible deals for the highest quality sites. Why is being flexible on price important? If a site has no paid links, is a perfect demographic match and the placement of the link is impeccable, we want the flexibility to pay more for that link. This method insures that we are not automatically disregarding sites that may be slightly more expensive but have tremendously more SEO value.

Service Highlights

  • We utilize both rented and permanent link placement strategies to create a campaign that is custom-tailored to your site’s specific needs. The percentage of rented and permanent placement links is decided at time of order.
  • Our link monitoring scripts check your links weekly to insure they are still active and the anchor text has not changed.
  • Our natural progression methods focus on progressively adding a steady stream of high quality links over a long period of time.
  • We send you monthly reports to outline newly acquired links, budget and campaign data.
  • All link placements require a signed contract by the site owner. We maintain strict terms and conditions such as limiting the number of paid links a site can have and preventing dangerous (casino, adult, pharmacy) paid links on the same page. Our contracts are not your run-of-the-mill contracts; they are designed to insure the maximum return on your investment over time.


Custom Link Acquisition isn’t for everyone. A ton of manual work is required to prospect and negotiate for custom links. CLA campaigns require a minimum $2000 monthly investment.

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