Backlink Analysis Report – Custom Audit and Expert Insight

What is the Backlink Analysis Report?

Our comprehensive Backlink Analysis Report is a custom, human compiled, in-depth evaluation of your site, and 9 of your competitors. Our team of link building professionals personally research and compile an exhaustive amount of backlink data and relevant metrics needed to identify opportunities and potential problem areas. On top of that, we consult with you to provide easy to understand actionable recommendations based on our decade of link building expertise and best practices. Allowing you to make informed data based decisions to stay ahead of the search engines and 10 steps ahead of your competition.

Who can benefit from it?

  • Businesses that have recently lost site rankings and do not know why
  • Organizations who are beginning a new link building campaign and want to make the best possible decisions, from the start
  • Businesses seeking to better understand their competitors link building strategies
  • Agencies looking to offer a comprehensive backlink analysis to current and prospective clients

What our clients have to say:

“Wow, I’ve never seen a more detailed report. It would take me days to try and find backlinks to my site and just put this together. I wouldn’t even know where to start.” – Chris H., SEO Director

“TextLinkBrokers provided us with more than I expected! Not to mention, the specific recommendations they gave us were customized and spot on.” – Matt E., Marketing Manager

What questions can the Backlink Analysis Report answer?

  • Am I, or my SEO agency, doing anything that could put my website’s rankings at risk?
  • How can I evaluate my website’s current link building strategy and how does it compare to my competitors?
  • How can I check backlinks to my site and does my website’s inbound link structure meet the guidelines for safe and natural link building?
  • Does my backlink profile have the proper ratio of keyword to brand based anchor text?
  • Am I over optimizing specific anchor text and do I need to restructure my link building approach?

This report is NOT an automated, one push-of-a-button backlink analysis tool

With this report, you get more than the standard dump of information from some run-of-the-mill, oversimplified online backlink analyzer. It would take days to research and compile all the information in this report, not to mention the expert recommendations that are included.

Backlink Report Pricing
Standard Backlink Analysis Report- $350

  • A backlink analysis of 10 websites
  • Easy to understand summary and recommendations
  • 25+ key metrics and raw data for all 10 sites
  • Top 20 anchor text for all sites
  • Backlink growth history charts
  • Full list of backlinks for your website
  • Turnaround time in 2-3 business days
  • Delivered in a Excel (.xls) report